We Rise

Balancing SunlightCreative Commons License D. Sharon Pruitt via Compfight


Out of our sorrow
Under covers of horror so unspeakable
We rise.
As the obsidian night seems to crawl down our throats
As we cough and choke on our grief
When all is lost save our very breath
We rise.


How, how do we move onwards?
How do we honor the fallen and cling to hope?
We rise.


Not as nosferatu, gorging on the hurting
For ego, ratings, and career.
Not as contributors of the noise
Hurtful static amplified in prose and punditry.

No, we rise through our compassion
Through our empathy as we help hold the wait
Until loved ones are reunited evermore.

We give hugs with our arms
Currency from our wallets
Prayers from our hearts
To overflow the cups of the weary
With love, the triumph of our artful humanity.


We rise.


[Poem #244.  This poem is in response to the tragedy in Newtown, Conn.  Hope Mob is a fantastic organization helping the residents and first responders during this ordeal.  For more information or to donate/help, click here.]

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