Poetry: When The Dust Settled

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, so here are a series of poems I wrote after I acted a fool and argued with my wife last year while we were planning our wedding.  I can’t remember what we were talking about, but I remember I felt so bad afterward, these poems were the result.


When The Dust Settled

The aftermath, the process

Of picking up the pieces

Of picking up the fragments

Of a heart scattered.

My ancestors were good at picking up things

Like cotton…like pieces of a broken heart

I need a spiritual dialysis

To cleanse my heart of all the old wounds…


The weight of words, gravity

My back bends as my heart draws closer to the ground

How can we return

To the place of rainbows and meadows.

The aftermath, my remorse multiplies the sadness

Divided by the pain, emotional arithmetic teaches me a lesson

How can I subtract the words I said, how can I be the man before

Before the wounds, before her heart became frozen in carbonite

Reaching out, a solo memorial of her desire to be heard.

Will forgiveness win?  Will love find a way?

Will grace massage the tension and restore?

Will I take the steps to heal, to better our relationship?

Will I be the soldier of change and fight for us

I lost the battle, but the war is up for grabs

Love is the hero of the day…


Smoke and ash filled the sky

Tears like blood flood the streets

Trees left withered, the storm of words had ravaged the land

Everlasting shade had permeated the landscape

The sun blocked out by dark clouds of selfishness


A red, fully bloomed Gerber daisy grows out of the aftermath

A daisy, shining through the cracks, full of



The following song is “Cause I Love You” by Lenny Williams circa 1978.  Just listen and feel this song, Lenny sang this spankin song from somewhere else way down deep.  The first time I heard it, I had to go sit down somewhere and just think.  Happy V-Day everyone.


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