Where Will Your Craft Take You?

Manila de Bay: Sailing


I’ve written poetry since I was in high school.  Rarely shared, my eyes only and all that.

I’ve found in talking with people, a lot of folks have written poetry.  Their poetry is usually tucked away, locked up tighter than the secret formula of Coke.  I didn’t start sharing my poetry until 2006, when I started performing at poetry open mic nights here in FredVegas.

I showed up at the Wounded Bookstore, with 2 poems memorized, locked, and loaded.  The room was full and I was glad I invited friends of mine as back-up.  It was my turn on the mic and something funny happened.

When I turned and faced the crowd, the fear  seemed to subside.  When I opened my mouth, it was on and crackin’.  I’ve been hooked ever since.

I think the anticipation messed with me more than the actual performance.  I was prepared.  I was ready.  All I had to do was show up.

It may be like that for you when you are faced with engaging your art/craft/that thing you love to do yet would terrify you to do it in public.

I dare you, nay, I double dog dare you:  show up and see what happens.

Set sail and put it out in front of people.  Be prepared and see where your craft will take you.


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  • I read this and then danced a jig in my cubicle. You’re right, most of the time all we have to do is to show up. I’m a runner, and half the time don’t feel like getting off of my couch to run. But once my shoes are on, I’ll run for miles and love it. I just have to force myself to put on my shoes. When writing, I just have to decide to close facebook and I can write beautiful pieces. Sometimes a small amount of effort can yield incredible results. Thanks for the reminder and encouragement.

  • I’m honored what I wrote caused a bit of jig dancing. Showing up tends to be the hardest part for me. All the thinking and planning and ideas don’t matter much until I show up/start.

    “Sometimes a small amount of effort can yield incredible results.” -this is so spankin’ true and applies to many areas in life.

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