Which Hat Are You Wearing Right Now?

Although I was born in the 70’s I was a huge fan of I Love Lucy growing up.  There was an episode where she and Ricky were driving cross country and they stopped at this little town where Aaron Spelling was the gas attendant…the motel room clerk…the sheriff…  you get the picture.

I told my students the other day, I wear so many hats, sometimes I don’t even realize I have one on.  Yes, I’m an adult educator, and I’m pretty sure I’ve learned as much from my students as they have learned from me.  Heck, I didn’t even know I could stand in front of a group of adults and teach until this opportunity seven years ago.

I will always be thankful Andrea Simmons took a leap and let me wear this hat.  She also has given me the friendship hat along with many other rays of sunlight in my life.  The friendship hat is probably the most entertaining.  Most of the time, my friend hat is a ton of fun.  Always fashionable, sometimes spontaneous, rarely complicated and never boring.

Then, there’s the family hat.  Most likely it’s from the 80’s.  It’s worn in and it always looks and feels great even though I’ve had it forever.  There are no surprises with this hat.

What about the girlfriend hat?  It wasn’t always a good look for me.  It took 16 years of dating to find the perfect fit.  Now, I love it.  One day it will transition into the bride then the wife hat.  BRIDE!  WIFE!  What next?  MOM???  Those hats are foreign to me, but just like some others I will manage to sport them with maturity, style and class.

My daughter hat is sitting in a closet on a shelf I can’t reach.  I wore it excessively early on- first to care for my mom and then again to care for my Dad.  This hat was probably the hardest to wear.  It was more than just a daughter hat – it was a caregiver hat, a chauffeur hat, an administrative assistant hat, a bookkeeper hat…all sorts of hats I never considered owning.  I didn’t ask for that hat.  At the end of the day, I’m proudest to say I wore it.

No matter what hat I’m wearing, I do my best to care for it gently and deliberately.  I hold on to it loosely and lovingly.  I live by ‘leave something better than you find it’.  And I always have to be mindful and considerate of the multiple hats the people around me may be wearing.


What hat are you wearing right now?




Maria is owner of Massage Works, LLC located in Richmond, VA.  She’s been practicing Massage Therapy for a decade and has taught massage since 2005.  Most recently, she became certified in Active Release Technique, allowing her to expand her business and become the official sponsor for the TRIgirl/TRIquest training team.  Her biggest rays of sunlight:  Jimmy, her significant other and the second love of her life, Cassie Lou, her first love, her sweet cat, and Sunny, Jimmy’s dog.  Proud big sister of a transformed brother, Cynon.

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