Who is Jermaine Jay Lane and What is This About?

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Poet. Writer. Musician and Father of two. Megan McGillicuddy here and welcome to an excerpt of an interview I did with Jermaine Jay Lane.

MM: So Jermaine, how about you tell our readers a little bit about yourself.

JL: Hey hey Megan and everyone. I’m currently living in Southern West Virginia. I write about hope, faith, love and all the life in-between. I use poetry to connect these high concepts to our grounded reality.

MM: Poetry? That’s…nice.

JL: That is most people’s response to poetry. Yet it is such a disruptive way of writing. There is something about a poem that grabs your attention and interrupts your way. If I ask you how are you feeling, you might not be able to express it. But I bet you could say it in a poem.

MM: I see. Hope and faith are somewhat spiritual issues. That’s such a trigger nowadays, isn’t it?

JL: Sure, so let’s talk about it. Better yet, let’s create about it and see what happens. Art is the one true antidote to the rigidity of religion and tradition.

MM: Ummm…okay….but

JL: I’m in favor of conversation and not conflict, dialogue and not debate. I’m not interested in trying to convince someone of what I believe. I’d much rather go do something or create something to help someone.

MM: So this isn’t for everyone then?

JL: Oh no. Not at all.

MM: So why are you doing this? Not to be rude, but why should anyone care?

JL: I come from a background where I centered my life around acting out religious dogma and doing what everyone expected of me.  I’ve lived my life creating a box for myself while trying to convince people to join me so we can be free in captivity. I’m now sorting my life out and write/create to help you do the same.

I want people to feel cared for and I use my art to do that.


MM: Tell us about your health and how that plays into things here.

JL: I have three kidneys. I am a kidney transplant recipient as a result of FSGS. Long history of hospitalizations, medical procedures, dialysis, etc. I want people who are going through any sort of pain- physical, emotional, spiritual, to find a comfort and rest here. I got you and you’re not alone.

MM: Professionally, you’ve worked in the mental health field for…

JL: 10 ½ years total. I use my professional and personal experiences to help.

MM: Well, aren’t you a daisy. What’s with this whole shhh…you are amazing stuff?

JL: We all have had negative voices tell us the opposite. And these words travel through time and we believe for sure what we tell ourselves. So I interrupt your thoughts with the notion to quiet all that noise and if no one has told you lately, you are amazing. Exactly like you are. You cared for and have so much to offer. We need you.

MM: Whew, that’s a mouthful. I usually don’t interview poets because, I mean really, but maybe it’s something worth reconsidering. Now for everyone’s favorite question, the last one. What can people expect here really?

JL: New content every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and connect with me on all my social media. Come and see…

MM: Well there you have it folks. Stay tuned for another episode of the Megan McGillicuddy Show with yours truly and keep shining, you beautiful human you.


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[Warning:  Megan here. My producers want you to know there are quite a few comic book references scattered throughout this site. When asked about it, Lane quoted some nerd gibberish I didn’t understand. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.]



[photo taken here and elsewhere, except otherwise noted, are done by the amazing Kitt Creative]