Why Are Ch-Ch-Changes So Difficult

Why Are Ch-Ch-Changes So Difficult

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When baby girl was teething, it was excrutiatingly painful.  Oh, she would cry cry cry, as enamel, calcium, and dentine ripped it’s way through her gums to peek out.

I’m thinking about the concept of “change” this week.  I think you could substitute the word “change” with “pain” and the meaning would be the same.

January is the unofficial month for change, yet no one really talks about the pain.  The pain of disrupting comfort to be uncomfortable for a good reason such as weight loss, quitting smoking, getting out of debt, etc.  We talk about the beginning of our goals and the end, yet leave out the juicy middle. We love to share our resolutions, our determination to “get it right this time.” Then…

Shazam, right back to where we started from by February or before.  We’ve all been there, no judgement or criticism.  This article is about the pain.

The almost palpable pain of doing something new.  Which causes discomfort, which well, sucks.

Why do you think change is so daunting?  I’m curious and feel free to share in the comments below.  I’ll share my thoughts here next week.

You all have a great weekend and keep doing whatever goal or story you have created!


[Here is context about the title for the kids.]
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