Why Fighting For The Intangible When You Are Sick Is The Harder Battle

Lets get this over with John Ryan via Compfight


Momma Lane told me when I first was diagnosed with my kidney disease: “Don’t get comfortable being sick. It’s called a dis-ease for a reason.”

When I was on hemodialysis, 4 hours a session, 3x a week, I remembered those words.  When I was in and out of the hospital so much the nurses began to recognize me, I remembered those words.  

Fighting against the disease wasn’t the battle.  The fight was for something far more important. 

The hard part, the borderline ridiculous fight is to have hope.  Esp. when you are so sick you can’t imagine making it through the spankin’ day.  You fight.

Sure, the disease or disability or whatever you may be going through would seem like the perfect enemy to combat. A different way to think of it is to fight for something.  Something you can’t touch, something internal.  It’s the internal, the intangible which will get you through the darkest times, the “I don’t give a ***** times, the “I just want to roll up in a great big ball and die”.  I fought for hope, hard.  It wasn’t easy, we’ll talk about it in the weeks to come.

Deciding to throw down with all your might, with grit and tears and violent determination to hold on to the intangible- hope and faith, is the actual struggle.  Our bodies follow where our brains/heart lead us. 


What do you think? What do you fight for?  Let us know in the comment section below.

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