World Kidney Day!

Today is World Kidney Day.  Here is a touching video I found about it:

On a more personal note, I found out this week my creatinine is elevated. The higher the number, the less the new kidney is functioning, with normal creatinine ranging from .7 to 1.2.

– The beginning of February, my creatinine was 1.1

– Two weeks ago it increased to 1.4

– This past Monday it was up to 1.9

Tomorrow, I will have more lab work drawn to see if it has decreased. Since Monday, I’ve been freaking out.  My mind has jumped from “my creatinine is going to keep rising” to “my body is going to reject the kidney.”  The funny thing is, the post I wrote in January about worrying has helped me to refocus this week.

World Kidney Day, the above video, my own kidney disease, so much to think about. It is my goal to do all that I can to maintain a positive attitude and hope, but this week has been a bit difficult.

Let’s celebrate our kidneys, if only for one day.  Thanks for stopping by.


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