You Are A Winner!










My wife and I recently found out we are having a baby, and it is still blowing my mind.  In thinking about Mahna Mahna (what we are calling him/her for now), I realized this about all of us:  we are winners!

We won the greatest, most competitive race ever in the history of the world.  We had up to 500 million rivals, all vying for the same goal.  We utterly and completely kicked them all to the curb and we won!

Regardless of how our lives have turned out since The Great Conception Race, we began as miracles, and I believe we still are.  There is so much negativity out there, so much to convince us how inadequate and messed up and damaged we are.  Sure, our hearts may be wounded and broken, but that does not negate the intrinsic, miraculous value we have.  It started at the beginning.

We are so incredibly special!  Sometimes we may not feel that way, a lot of times I esp. don’t feel that way.  But again, how we feel doesn’t negate the truth.  If we really saw the magnitude (pop pop) of winning The Great Conception Race, we would have to sit down.

Have you thought about all the miracles that had to happen for you to be born?  All the decisions that were made on your behalf that caused you to be born?  Decisions we may never know about, yet there you are, sitting or reading this, alive.

If no one has ever told you or its been a while, then I am going to tell you:  You.  Are.  A.  Winner. You beat the odds, you overcame and achieved victory.  Go ahead, feel good about yourself.  Maybe you have had a bad day, maybe you feel like crap.  Maybe the last thing you want to hear is some random dude tell you how much of a miracle you are on his blog.  But this random dude is going to tell you anyways, you are a winner!

It’s like going to a job interview and there are 500 million other people trying to get the same job you want.  500 million applicants.  One job position.  And you got the job!  The job of being born.  Life gets very hard sometimes, but we accomplished the hardest thing ever.  We Won!

[photo by OskarN]