You Can’t Kill Jason

Ensaio Fresno e NX Zero Gustavo Vara – via Compfight


Like an unstoppable force.

Carved from the pitt.

A walking apocalyptic engine of hate.

Run run says the woods by the lake

Roots and brush rise up to grab a foot.

Who wears high heels in the forest anyways?


Hush little baby, don’t say a word

Momma’s gonna give you life after life

To exact her vengeance upon idiot teenagers

Who insist on camping at Camp Crystal Lake

And investigating strange noises

And not getting the woopty woop out when people start disappearing

Because, you know, it’s only our imagination…


Fire, nope.

Guns, nah son.

Telekinesis actually worked in Part 7

But how many of us are telekinetic?

(Or would admit it online)

Hit him with a car?

Hit him with a rake

(Why did the only black kid in the movie actually try to use a rake.
Come on brah.)

Best bet is and pray.




[Poem #184.  Context: Yeah, I’m a fan of the movies, the only time of the year I watch is when it’s actually Friday the 13th.  Oh, how I love the ’80s and yes, the first one was the best.]



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