Your Story Is Your Signature

SignatureCreative Commons License Sebastien Wiertz via Compfight


Your story is your signature.

Authenticated by the life you’ve led.

Signature from signare, “to sign”.

You decide which direction your story will point someone.

Each moment, each decision, enriches the story.

Don’t shun the tragedies.

Conflict builds your emotional muscles

How you deal with it may give hope.

To others now, to yourself later.


We run, we are tenacious, we will even pay money

For someone’s autograph, a name.

Whose value is in proportion to

The emotional context shared by the recipient.

Our lives

Are likewise.


“Sign my yearbook”

So as not to forget the memories created.

Shared experiences fleshing out the story.

“We need your signature here, here, and here.”

Important documents mean nothing

Unless we put ink to paper.

Important moments of our lives

Require us to be present

Or pass us by.


We leave a mark, a lasting influence

A hope.

Let us strive to make it astonishing.

A signature of art.



[Poem #157]


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